What is ikHerstel ?

The e-Health application (“app”) ikHerstel helps patients recover faster after surgery by offering a personalised recovery plan. ikHerstel is developed specifically for patients who will undergo a planned operation (elective surgery)

Why IkHerstel ?

As a result of operational cost savings patients nowadays spend less pre- and post-operative time in hospital. Consequently a patients recovery is mainly at home. Research has shown that patients -in a home situation- often have practical questions and feel insecure because of the lack of information regarding the do’s and don’ts related to their recovery. ikHerstel takes away this insecurity, by providing relevant and validated information and advice about and during the recovery process.

Personalized recovery plan

ikHerstel provides the patient, prior to the operation, with a personalised recovery plan. This is an overview indicating when and with which intensity a patient can resume activities that are related to the patients normal daily activities. Once at home after the surgery, the app provides daily advice and information and visualizes the patients recovery progress.


The recovery plan is also a tool to discuss and plan – prior to the operation – the projected recovery with people in the direct vicinity such as caregivers, employer, family and friends to manage expectation and make preparations.

The recovery plan consists of unambiguous advices, carefully drafted by healthcare professionals, with the intention to coach and guide the patient during the recovery process, back to their normal activities.

Why is IkHerstel effective ?

  • The patients starts the recovery with realistic expectations and receives clear and relevant instructions and advice at the right time during the process.
  • The patient is stimulated to be physically active as soon as this is possible which contributes to the recovery.
  • The patient has a real-time dashboard visualizing the actual status of his recovery, which has a strong motivating effect.


For the patient:

  • 9-13 days faster recovery
  • More control and insight in own recovery (Self-management)
  • Unambiguous and validated information about the operation and the recovery at the patients fingertips

For the Healthcare professional:

  • Satisfied patients, better care.
  • More effective communication with patient at home.
  • Cost saving resulting from internal efficiencies.
  • Less language barriers

Scientific validation

Starting in 2009 two healthcare professionals at VUmc in Amsterdam (Judith Huirne- Gynaecology and Han Anema- Social Medicine), have in close cooperation with 10 hospitals and patient interest groups done scientific research related to the recovery of patients after elective surgery. Their findings  have resulted in ikHerstel.


This research shows that patients,  using ikHerstel, recover 9-13 days faster, have a very high customer satisfaction and that there are cost savings in the hospital.